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Bangladeshi dancer actress Toma Mirza picture & biography

Toma Mirza is most popular model in Bangladeshi media industry. Bangladeshi actress Toma Mirza learn dance from age of four. From child age bangladeshi actress Toma Mirza learn Manipuri dance and classic dance. She lives in Bangherhat. She learn dance from abroad too. Her father is a service man and her mother is a housewife.
When they are return in home Dhaka. After come in Dhaka she got offer from movie acting. Her first movie is “Bolona Tumi Amar”. Toma Mirza is a famous Bangladeshi actress. She is so beautiful Bangladeshi actress. She has beautiful fashion. She has very sexy body. Her smile is very attractive. She is very hot Bangladeshi actress. Here are photo collections of Bangladeshi actress Toma Mirza.

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